How to generate the KioskLight activation code?

What is the KioskLight?

The KioskLight is a self-serving Android that works with RightQ, your dynamic flow management system in your shops.

Compatible with devices embedding an Android version, the KioskLight allows your customers to register themselves in the queue as soon as they arrive in your shop.

Generate your KioskLight code from the RightQ platform

Step 1: Access your RightQ platform and click "Settings → Branch"


Step 2: Click on "View details" of the concerned branch.


Step 3: Click on "Devices"on the right.

Step 4: Click "Generate code" on the kiosk tab.

Step 5: Fill in the requested information ,and add an image. Then click "Save"
You will get a code to access your branch Kiosk.

NB: Make sure you have downloaded the KioskLight application available on Playstore.

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