How to install and configure the KioskLight?

The KioskLight is an Android self-service that works with RightQ, your dynamic flow management system in your branches.

It offers your customers an autonomy; a positive point on the customer relationship established with the latter.

To install and configure the KioskLight:

1 / Download the application.

Step 1: Download the KioskLight application available on PlayStore on the tablet.

Step 2: Launch the application; The kiosk code is then requested.


2 / Generate the Kiosk code.

To learn how to generate kiosk code click on this link.

3 / Configure the kiosk on your tablet.

Step 1: Enter the generated kiosk code in the field reserved for this purpose.



You will be presented to a view allowing you to set up the kiosk.



Check "Allow Print Ticket", if you want the customer to receive his ticket number on paper.
Check "Allow SMS Ticket", if you want the customer to receive his ticket number by SMS.

Check "Enable Required Name", if you want the customer to put his name before creating the ticket
Check "Enable Required Mobile Number", if you want the customer to type his number brefore creating the ticket.

You can also enter idle time in seconds. Is the time before switching back to home screen.

You then have to select the language.

Step 2: Confirm your choice by selecting "Confirm"

You have now installed and configured the KioskLight.

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