Enable and manage SMS notifications?

At every step of your clients' journey, an SMS is sent to them.

SMS notifications allows you to set up SMS that your customers receive during their journey.

RightQ gives you the option to manage SMS  received by your customers.


To enable SMS notification 

Step 1: Go to "Settings ----- Global" from your dashboard.



Step 2: Click on "SMS Notifications" tab.




To activate the SMS, tick the corresponding box, enter the information and add the message to be sent. 

Step 3: Manage your SMS notifications

1 / Enable tickets via SMS



2 / Send a message to your customers after a long wait.


3 / Notify customer via SMS when it's their turn


4 / Send NPS Survey via SMS



Step 4: Click "Save"

Step 5: You can choose to "Allow the change in branch settings" to allow every branch manager the ability to customize the SMS from their shops.



  • You can modify the SMS received by your customers except for the SMS tickets.
  • You can choose the SMS type you want your customers to receive just choose 2 or 3 on SMS type box.
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